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The Montclair Times

Opened in March 2008, Toro Sushi Bar in Upper Monclair Plaza is the place to go for authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern flair. Conveniently located behind the Upper Montclair Firehouse...

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Raising the Bar

Suburban Essex Magazine

Here I am in the mood to eat out, but my reluctant husband lies recumbent on the couch. Luckily, I know four magic words that instantly galvanize him: "Let's go for sushi.". Yes, we do love sushi.

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New Way to Roll

Montclair Magazine

Tucked away behind the Bellevue Theatre, (also behind Starbucks), sits Toro Sushi Bar, an unusual Japanese restaurant offering healthy, low-carbohydrate versions of time-honoered sushi favorites...

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Executive Chef Andy Hayasaka

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Executive Chef Andy Hayasaka With Wife Amy

If there was such a thing as a black-belt sushi chef, surely (Chef)
Hayasaka would be one - he was trained in Tokyo from the age of 18
and has over 25 years of experience. Chef Hayasaka offers an
authetic Japanese cuisine prepared with fresh & healthy, low-carb versions of time-honored sushi favorites.

"When my guests dine at Toro Sushi Bar, I'd like them to feel they've experienced more than just dinner."

- Executive Chef/Owner Andy Hayasaka          

(973) 746-8555 | toro@torosushibar.com

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